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You Have No Idea What Blockchain is…That’s Ok, We Do.

Blockchain is the umbrella term for what has been hailed as a game-changing technology.  Of course, that buzzphrase has been applied before many times, to many technologies, developed by great minds. Remember Apple’s Newton? At Least Four Arguments for Blockchain […]

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Sh*t Just Got Real with AI, and Here’s Why You you Need to Care.

Free will is something that isn’t often discussed, despite being such a vital part of living. Every species, every age, every moment- we make decisions that are, more often than not, backed by a combination of logic and emotion. We […]

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Navigating The Dark Net

It’s widely accepted that any sort of information can be found on the internet. Anybody with access to wi-fi and a search browser can find all the world’s information with just a few clicks. But beneath the surface, there’s a […]

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What the Heck is The Internet of Things, and What Does it Mean for the Future of Tech?

The internet- arguably the most vital resource we have in today’s technologically advanced world. Financial transactions can be completed with a few clicks and a credit card number. All public information on any subject, no matter how mundane, has plenty […]

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